Baby – Led Weaning, No More Spoon-feeding

Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is a method of introducing children to pick up food and put it in their mouths independently. Instead of parents spoon-feeding them, BLW encourages children to explore the textures, smells, and tastes of different foods on their own, without parental interference. The ultimate goal is to promote independent eating and a diverse diet, regardless of the shape or texture of the food. Moreover, BLW enables children to join family members at the table during mealtime.

First BLW Meal
You can start your child’s first BLW meal when they reach the age of six months or when their milk teeth start to appear and they show interest in chewing. However, it is essential that the child can sit properly in a highchair to ensure safety. Initially, your child may play with the food, explore its smell, or simply observe. Gradually, they will begin to taste and pick up food by themselves, becoming more adept at eating alongside the family.

Foods Suitable for BLW
When implementing BLW, the key is to offer finger foods, which are easy for children to pick up and eat with their hands. These foods can include vegetables, fruits, and meats sliced into sticks. It is crucial to ensure that the food is easy to digest and not a choking hazard. The recommended size for finger foods is about the length of an adult’s little finger, and any seeds should be removed beforehand. Boiled vegetables, ripen fruits, meat, crackers, or penne are excellent choices for finger foods.

How is BLW beneficial for children?
– Help in the development of small muscles of their hands, enabling children to quickly grasp and handle objects with confidence.
– Encourage children to eat by themselves, which can help reduce picky eating habits. They become more open to trying different foods.
– Promote hand-eye coordination and the five sensory while helping them to fluently pick up food and also distinguish between different types of foods, enriching their learning experience.
– Facilitate speech development. As children chew their own food, they practice a variety of mouth and tongue movements, enabling them to speak more efficiently as they grow older.
– Foster a willingness to try new foods and make independent decisions about their preferences. Children can confidently choose what to eat, what they like, and what they don’t like. It can also support a varied diet.
– Promote self-reliance. As they reach school age, they will be capable of eating on their own, providing parents with reassurance that their child can handle eating situations in society without difficulty.

Precautions for BLW
– Children should be 6 months old or older.
– The child must be capable of sitting upright and using a high chair to ensure that food does not get stuck in their throat.
– Always supervise the child during meals and never leave them alone. Parents should have basic knowledge of what to do in case the child experiences a food or foreign object blocking their airway.
– Parents must approach BLW with patience and a calm demeanor. Avoid expecting too much or rushing the child. It’s important not to get frustrated or scold the child if they make a mess. Everything should progress gradually and positively.

Another essential aspect that parents need to consider during BLW is the choice of food. It is crucial to select fresh and clean vegetables and fruits without any chemical additives. The food should be soft and cut into long, manageable pieces, making it easy for the child to hold and eat. It is recommended to avoid adding seasoning to the baby’s food between the ages of 6 months and 1 year. Instead, children should experience the natural flavors of the ingredients they consume.

Once the baby turns one year old, parents can start seasoning the food with safe and healthy options like Care Choice 100% vegetable based seasoning powder (For Children) with no MSG, preservatives, or gluten, made from chemical-free vegetables. It enhances the flavor of children’s food, making it more aromatic, delicious, and with a natural umami taste. With this seasoning, the child enjoys delightful meals, leaving the mother pleased and content.


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