Suitable Age Range for Children’s Seasoning Powder?

When babies enter the phase of introducing supplementary foods, many parents may encounter difficulties. Some children refuse to eat certain foods or eat very little, which can make mothers worried about their children not receiving complete nutrition. Seeking a solution to help children eat more, such as using condiments or seasoning powder, may seem like an option for parents to encourage easier eating. However, it’s important to consider the child’s age before introducing seasoned food.

Between 6 months and 1 year old, it’s best not to add any condiments to their food.

At this age, children should experience the natural taste of foods as their kidneys are not yet fully developed to handle excess salt intake. Eating salty or sweet foods during this stage may lead to a preference for such flavors, potentially causing health problems like obesity, diabetes, or kidney disease later in life.

Once the child reaches 1 year old, parents can gradually add seasonings to their foods.

When the child reaches the age of 1 year or older, it is advisable to introduce some coarser foods instead of grinding everything. Moreover, it is essential to carefully select seasonings and raw ingredients that are appropriate for their age. This allows the child to savor the true taste of various foods, including vegetables, fruits, and meat. However, if the child continues to eat very little or refuses to eat altogether, it becomes challenging to determine the right amount of seasoning to use. There is a concern about the child consuming excessive sodium and sugar. In such cases, we highly recommend considering Care Choice 100% vegetable-based seasoning powder, specifically formulated for children aged 1 year and older.


Care Choice 100% vegetable-based seasoning powder for children aged 1 year and older

It has become the most reviewed seasoning powder for children in the country. The best part is, it doesn’t contain MSG or gluten. This seasoning powder serves as a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional stock. It contains a delightful taste similar to Japanese soup, making it an ideal helper to ensure your child eats easily. Now, you can smile happily. Care Choice’s seasoning includes fish ingredients and is available in both the original formula and a variant with added seaweed.

Key ingredients include colorful vegetables such as carrots, radishes, broccoli, onions, spring onion, and ground fish seasoned with salt (a crucial source of iodine, vital for body and brain development), along with sugar, pepper, and coriander root. The seasoning is perfect for making stock, soup, ground rice, poached eggs, various clear soups, and more.

To address the issue of difficult eating that concerns many parents, apart from attempting to adjust the taste of the child’s food, there are other strategies that can be helpful. One effective approach is for the parents to sit together with the child at the table during mealtime. Parents can try scooping up small portions of food for their child gradually. Additionally, parents can lead by example and eat the same food they offer to their children, like soup or boiled dishes. When children observe their parents eating, they are more likely to follow suit and attempt to feed themselves. Encourage your child to feed themselves and don’t worry if some food spills and things get a bit messy. This process helps to train your child to eat independently and develop their motor skills, like picking up objects.

What about other Care Choice formulas? Are they suitable for children?

Mothers often wonder if their children can consume other formulas of Care Choice. Some mothers who regularly use Care Choice 100% vegetable-based seasoning powder notice that other formulas contain ingredients similar to the seasoning powder for children. This has also sparked curiosity among mothers with picky eaters, who seek a solution to encourage their children to eat more food, such as seasoning powder for children.

The answer is that children aged 1 year and up can use any formula of Care Choice products. Every formula is crafted from natural ingredients without MSG or other harmful chemicals. However, the children’s formula of Care Choice incorporates a variety of vegetables to offer both nutritional benefits and delicious umami flavors derived from natural ingredients. This makes Care Choice an effective solution to address the issue of picky eating in children.

By opting to use Care Choice 100% vegetable-based seasoning powder that replaces monosodium glutamate in every dish, you ensure good health for everyone in the family. Let’s unite as a Care Choice family.

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